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Choose kits and code blocks for your application.

We assemble them together and makes sure it meets your requirements.

Currently available for Ruby on Rails web applications.

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FeatureKits separates the cost of code blocks from the labor cost of assembling it.

This works much like the Auto Garage repair, where the kits and the code blocks will be the like the spare parts, and the time to assemble them and customize them will be the labor cost, or in this case the development cost.

This is how it works

Pick Code Blocks

Select the kits and code blocks from our extensive list of pre-built kits and blocks based on your required features.

Submit Your Request

Submit your request and pay an advance amounting to the value of the kit and code blocks you selected.

We Develop Your App

We assemble them together and fine tune your app based on requirements at an hourly rate communicated with you.

We Deliver

We deliver you app, or deploy as per pre-agreed terms and hand over the code to you. You pay the remaining amount.

How much can you save?

By splitting the cost of the code blocks (fixed pricing) and the cost to assemble it, you save on building projects. See below for a sample application.

Typical Development Cost

A small sized app will consist of around 5 screens, including registration, login with email, forgot password etc. And say it has a list of properties, which is searchable by various attributes.

The typical development estimate will be around 40 person hours, costing around 1000$ (at a rate of 25$/hr)

Our Cost

Cost of Code Blocks will be a fixed cost of around 80$

Estimate for assembling will be around 8 person hours (depends on the customizatons you want) costing 200$ at the same rate.

Total cost around 280$

You save 720$

Featured App Kits
coming soon

Argos Admin Template

Allow users to login to the app, with fully featured admin dashboard.

admin dashboard  ruby on rails  featuredkits  appkits 

coming soon

Dark Admin Template

Allow users to login to an admin dashboard with a dark theme.

admin dashboard  ruby on rails  featuredkits  appkits 

coming soon

Viral Pre-launch Template

Allow a user to register and invite friends. Also features a landing page.

ruby on rails  pre-launch  featuredkits 

Featured Code Blocks
coming soon

Invite Friends

Invite friends by their email, with a simple form.

ruby on rails  users  featuredblocks  codeblocks 

coming soon

Search Things

Screens to search things, and filters to search based on a set of attributes.

ruby on rails  users  featuredblocks  codeblocks 

coming soon

Payments with Stripe

Manage single payments with Stripe.

ruby on rails  payments  featuredblocks  codeblocks