Why choose us?

There are a lot of tech consultancies,
so why should you try us for your next project?

Because, you can save thousands of dollars*

* For medium sized projects, that spans a month or more.


FeatureKits splits development costs into two categories.

» The cost of pre-built components.
» The cost to assemble the components to meet your spec.

Think of it like ThemeForest, but for working code blocks with frontend and backend. Each of these components will cost you 10 to 50$. You can pick and choose these components and build your application by customizing them.

By choosing these pre-built components that matches the features you want, you already have a lot of work done.

Then you just need to have some glue code to stich them together, or change some styles to match your brand. Which in most cases, is just a few days of developer time.

Save on expensive developer time, by using our code blocks from FeatureKits.

How much can you save?

Consider a small sized web application that consist of 5 screens, including registration, login with email, forgot password etc. And say it has a list of properties, which is searchable by various attributes.

Typical Development Cost

The typical development estimate will be around 40 person hours, costing around 1000$ (at a rate of 25$/hr)

Our Cost

Cost of Code Blocks will be a fixed cost of around 80$

Estimate for assembling will be around 8 person hours (depends on the customizatons you want) costing 200$ at the same rate.

Total cost around 280$

You save 720$